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Photo by Andy Europa

Photo by Andy Europa

Excuse: I can’t afford that.

Okay, not being able to afford something is a real thing. Some people don't have money. However, "I can't get enough money for [xxx]" is not a viable excuse for you to stop short of your goals. It's absolutely unacceptable and here's why:

  • If you're alive, you have a skill. Monetize it.
  • The Federal Reserve literally destroys millions of dollars every day. It exists and is waiting for you.
  • If you use this excuse on a regular basis, you're speaking your lack into existence. If you repeat "I have no money", your subconscious will accept that as your fixed reality. Stop talking down on yourself.
  • Half full / half empty scenario: Either you can look at not having money as an absolute deterrent... OR you can look at it as an opportunity. If you have no money, you literally have nothing to lose. So try some shit. Create something.
  • Often when people say they have "no money", it's actually just bad budgeting because there always seems to be enough to pay the bills while still being able to magically go out and drink/smoke when the weekend comes.
  • Sell the stuff around your house you don't use anymore. You probably have a TON of it. Lord knows I do.
  • If [random social media influencer] is making $[XXX], there's no reason you can't make a fraction of that by doing [random job you don't want to do, but probably should if you actually need money].
  • Speaking of jobs you don't want to do, remove your ego and pride by getting a part-time job that you don't want to do. If you're REALLY in a bind and want to pay down your debt, you have to stop living in this world where everything needs to accommodate you and make you feel comfortable 24/7. Shit, I worked as a fucking janitor for 6 months before I moved to Los Angeles. This was when I had a college degree. I had to do what I had to do.
  • If there are no jobs available for you (which I find hard to believe), find a need in the marketplace and create one. Everyone needs something. Find what that is and service it.
  • Break your "piggy bank" and invest in cryptocurrency. (This is for more advanced investors. It's an extremely volatile market, so do NOT try this as a way to make money fast. #hodl)
  • Working smart is the only way to get good money. Don't fall for the get rich quick schemes. (You'd think this would be obvious by now, but some people still link up with people that "crack cards" to get a check. I would know...)
  • Sign up for TaskRabbit.
  • Sign up for Uber / Lyft.
  • Collect cans. This is not a joke.
  • Get freebies off of Craigslist and sell them.
  • Go to a garage sale. Buy low, sell high on eBay / LetGo, etc.
  • Yeah... stop it. You can get money. I don't wanna hear that shit.

And look... money isn't the end all, be all of what life has to offer. I do believe the love of money (different from the prioritization of it) is the root of all evil. But there's no reason to be living in self-inflicted poverty.



Get the money, steady flowin’, flowin’
Get the money, let it roll in, roll in
Get the money, steady flowin’, flowin’
Get the money, let it roll in, roll in

[Verse 1]
Lord, help me to speak my mind when it's time to
Tryna remove the pride and let my rhymes be insightful
They hate it when you talk about spending ya bread
But they love it when you're killing yourself or you're dead
I’m a hustler from Ohio, we movin', we gotta do thangs
Nickel and dimed in college just so I could have some loose change
These niggas always lie when they be dealing with wealth
So they'll never be real with me if they ain't real with themselves
When you speak, I can tell you don't know the half of it
Them songs that you done made, I can tell that you couldn't match the set
So multi-faceted, the skills and attributes I've acquired that you desire
Most people don't even have them yet
Only zeros I know are after numerals
Or the circle you around, them lames and the folks that you would know
And I ain't finna flex just outta nowhere
Though I had salaries 'fore I popped, so be mindful that I can go there


[Verse 2]
If I blink then I'll be right on the brink of money and power
No sleepin', yo, it's all that I'm thinkin’ 24 hours
Times by 365, ain't tryna be 65 and still have student loans and debt
Can't have no peace or retirement but
Don't lose ya grip if they cheatin', lyin' or deflate
Cuz we just tryna create
Before they tryna cremate
Just the stress of a twenty-something-year-old
Cuz “happiness don't come with the money” is something we're told but
What you really finna do when the tap is off
The lights is off
The mic is off
The rent is due
The friends you knew is mental too
The bread stop what you really meant to do
You this close to the edge or the view
Of what you'd be thinking's the ending of you
Telling yourself a medallion's something of valiance what you're pretending to do
Don't place your faith on those material things
Unless you know the type of baggage that material brings
Getting money just depends on the reason you chasing after that
So tell me can you master that?
We done blacked the track

You expensive [repeats]