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Photo by Ty Levey

Photo by Ty Levey

Excuse: I just don’t know what I want.

Here we are... The crossroad.

Have you ever moved into a new phase in your life and then got overwhelmed by all of your thoughts, anxieties and fears about the journey ahead? The feeling of uncertainty certainly isn't a foreign one to us, but it's crucial to acknowledge what's triggering it.

On average, we have about 60,000 thoughts (conscious and subconscious combined) every day. Now more than ever, multi-tasking is the norm. Our brain’s ability to perform numerous tasks at once is both an evolutionary blessing and burden. If we’re not operating at our peak 100% of the time, we feel as though we’re underachieving. But what if we're the ones who are creating distractions for ourselves? What if we are the ones who are manifesting conscious and unconscious thoughts that deter us from our desires?

Not knowing what to do, or indecisiveness, is really just a symptom of a lack of mental presence. A lack of mental presence when beginning something new can sometimes manifest because of fear. If you aren't present with what you're doing, it's a lot easier to blame that situation than the fact that you're scared of change - right? ("Oh, I wasn't really trying that hard. I would have done better if I was.")

Fully listening, being aware of your environment, engaging with your daily activities, taking the time to develop understanding… all of these things help keep us present and are some of the most effective solutions to curing our “monkey mind” –– aka all of the ongoing mental chatter that takes us out of being present. Our happiness and success are contingent upon whether we’re focused on the here and now (the things we can control) vs. the past and future (that which we cannot).

Sidebar: Time itself is a man-made construct that's non-linear anyways, but that's a discussion for another day... :)

Tomorrow, we’ll talk about a common example of how people wind up stuck in the past. For now, grab "Have You Ever" for download below. This song is also available to stream on all digital music platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, blah blah blah...)


Video by JUSTN


Have you ever split a cigarello down the middle and it's filled with all trees?
Have you ever dropped a tab of acid with a girl and thought about it all week?
Have you ever thought about the planet in the future, stressin' where we'll all be?
Have you ever sat still and meditated? Have you ever?

Northwestern Mutual callin'
Conversation 'bout some money, all the usual talkin'
Advising me on my life, as if that dude could've solved it
Half black, half a Asian, I'm the usual target
Only focused on the present, all the past shit away
Even though a nigga glad what happened back in the day
I come from a town where fuckboys get slapped in the face
I was hoopin' with Mell, met Zay and laughin' with Tre
Teaching me how to write is something he would do
If you ever come at the District, nigga, we will shoot
Put the city on my back like every holiday
I'm the Young Bruce Springsteen, I would say

I can see the sun rising and I see your face
My heart skips a beat and I don't know what to say
When I think about the past and know where I came
I just don't know what...