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Photo by Andy Europa

Photo by Andy Europa


"Your hair is so crazy, man!"

The first time I grew out my hair as an adult was back in 2012. Most recently, it's been around the length it is now since 2015 or so. I can't tell you how many times it's gotten me double-takes and glances, people felt the need to touch it without asking or just making it the main topic of conversation.

Don't get me wrong. Not all of the attention has been malicious. But people of color always get questions about their hair to the point of awkwardness and borderline (if not, straight up) harassment. It's a gift and a curse.

Even with all of that though, I wouldn't change my hair just to avoid someone else's rudeness. That's their problem, not mine. Some people had terrible parents who didn't teach them any manners, so they go up to strangers they don't know and grab their hair because they feel entitled to touching parts of people whenever they want without permission.

It's not my responsibility to teach them why it's rude. It's my pleasure to tell them off (in as controlled a manner as possible) and continue being awesome.

Whatever makes you special, some people might think it's dope. Others might wanna ask you about it every time they see you to the point it's annoying. Others might look at you differently or hesitate to approach you because of it. There might be days where you'll think, "It'll be easier to just get rid of this thing so everyone will leave me alone."


Your unique gift or form of self-expression, whether it's your hair or not, shouldn't be hidden because it makes others uncomfortable. As long as you're being positive, they can figure out how to deal with themselves and their lack of awesomeness.


[Verse 1]
Nigga, don’t you ever doubt me
I ain’t fucking simple
Done this shit for 13
Did you get the info?
I’ll crush any instrumental, killin’ any tempo
Tracking on cassettes because the studio was piss-poor
All these rappers know I’m buzzing, they beside themselves
Cuz I made my own company and signed myself
They see my hair long
For the bitches when I’m macking on ‘em
But ya’ll don’t wanna hear me ‘till I’m swaggin’ on ‘em
Well, I don’t rock J’s, just boots
On the flight off of Tylenol and codeine in a suit
All my Glass City niggas, I'ma see em
All my Chi-Town cousins, man, they know that I'ma treat em
All my Houston, Texas niggas got the Actavis and trippin'
My D-Town niggas got the pistols with the Pistons
My St. Louis niggas told me, "Ay, you isn't furr, doe"
You gon have to call a nigga "A.J. with the curls", doe

Got them crazy faces looking at me
Thinking I don’t care now
Looking in the mirror and I’m feeling like I’m rare now
Girls love when I’m ‘bout to let my hair down ’nem hoes
Niggas mad when I’m ‘bout to let my hair down ‘nem hoes
It’s alright
Long hair, don’t care - whoa
Long hair, don’t care - whoa
Long hair, don’t care
When you see me in the street
Yeah, you can look but don’t stare - whoa

[Verse 2]
Yo, I just got back from Reykjavik
I ain't even wanna say this shit
But fuck them niggas up at WOW Air
I switched my flight to KLM so I don’t care
The country ‘bout the same count as my city
So if I take that territory, don't get mad or be shitty
The crib in Seltjarnanes got paintings like it's the MoMA
And posting money photos isn't corny when they some Kronas
Too many people that's only thinking expansion
Cuz bitches is really niggas that's scared of feeling contractions
To really win you gotta take a couple L's
Stop thinking that you invincible knowing you could take shells
And I ain't Samson, so my strength is irremovable
From the top of my locks to the front of my toe's cuticles
My life is beautiful, la vita e bella
Wasn't tryna repeat it, but indeed I'ma tell ya


This the part where you can let your hair down, down, down (x4)
This the part where you can shake your hair now, now, now (x4)