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Photo by Andy Europa

Photo by Andy Europa

Excuse: I’m messed up because of my childhood.

Adolescence. The foundation of life. If the foundation is off, the object resting upon it will not stand. However, humans are not idle objects sitting in one place. We’re dynamic. We’re always changing. We can take a look at our foundation, see that it’s unstable and then go fix it. That’s what makes us special.

Reflect on your childhood for a moment. Now, think of something that happened in your childhood you wish you could change. We all have something. At that point in our lives, we had no control over what occurred, the things we were allowed to do, the place we lived, what food was made for us... nothing. Now that we're adults, we have agency and autonomy to control our destiny. The only problem is there can still be baggage and conditioning from your childhood that's bogging you down.

The trick here is to recognize we are made up of two things: 1) That which has already happened to us and 2) the choices we make in this very moment. That’s it. Since the first (our childhood in this instance) is a fixture and cannot be changed, our perspective should shift towards the latter (our present).

Before the social conditioning occurred in our lives, we all had innocence. We were unrestricted. As kids, the amount of mental presence we had was extraordinary. Everything we thought of was related to the NOW. And guess what? The NOW is all we'll ever have. Yesterday's gone and we're never going to see tomorrow because by that time, it will be considered NOW.

The lesson? Save the child within you by removing the negative conditioning placed upon you and consciously deciding to live in the present.


Video by Niklaus Lange



I really like it and that’s all that I’ll say
In an awkward way
Can we all get away?
I really like it and that’s all that I know
In an awkward flow
Let’s go off to the show

Can’t a young kid get sleep, no fights from across the room?
Stepdad finna leave awful soon
Right up on the ledge where my thoughts consume, I’m getting lost in tunes
Been in love with ya ever since I had the room where my loft was open
Haters say I’m cray and I’m soft for hoping
Hide behind the pain so I’m often joking
Prolly coughing, toking
Listen to my peers when they talk about the same things I be talkin’ bout but they not explicit
Fly to see the fam when I stop to visit
Say I’ve changed and they really too shocked to listen
So this the only song I’ma make that can break on Disney Channel
Watching hella docs on the History Channel
Being black in America? We ain’t even got that mystery handled
Skating on the beat, Eric Kos with the varial
Seeing Glass City when you pause for the aerial
Brookside, Airline is the area
Used to bump “Big Willie Style” on the stereo
Now I’m off Fairfax and I never bought Supreme, doe
I don’t rock dad caps neither
I mean I did before, but now my hair’s too long
And I ain’t tryna rock a snapback either
No trends, not wack, not following
Sneaks up, kicked back on the ottoman
All I make is for the lost and fateless or your heart was breaking
All songs like Solomon
Put my life on the line for the gift of my dope professin’
Just don’t forget me, uh…
Please don’t forget me, uh…