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Photo by Ty Levey

Photo by Ty Levey

EXCUSE: I'm not ready to commit.

Some of the reasons why people are afraid of commitment:

- Discomfort with vulnerability
- They don't feel worthy or deserving of love (This is a REAL one for many)
- Looking for the best option out there (FOMO)
- "Busy"
- Timelines (ex. "I'm only X years old, I still need time to be free")
- Previous bad breakup

Listen... these all might be good and well what's going on in your life. I'm not here to tell you that your reasoning is wrong. Especially when it comes to relationships. I'm no expert.

HOWEVER... (lol... you knew that was coming)

When it comes to the fear-based reasoning, you really have to examine the underlying issue rather than the gut reaction. Why are you uncomfortable with being vulnerable? Why don't you feel worthy of love? Are you actually busy or do you just like "not having to answer to anyone"?

I don't have the answers for you. Those are things you gotta take up with yourself. All I can say is that anything rooted in fear won't turn out well. But I'll save that for another day...


There’s somethin’ bout the way that you can light up my life
Every time you stay with me I’m fine and get by
But shawty, when you go away
Shawty, when you go away
I be feeling crazy, so I light and get high

[Verse 1]
She said, “Pull up, pull up” - oh
Hold up, roll up, we gon’ smoke up - oh
Slide when a nigga pouring up mo'
Why is you even showing up for?
Be thorough with intentions
But ya body so thorough, did I mention?
Got me trippin’ off the flick that ya sent out
Triple dots, no words what I felt now
You need to find you
I’m so done trying to
Need to get ya mind right shawty

How you just not loyal to me now?
I serve, I swerve just so I see ya now
Okay, we here now


I know I feel a way
I just really hate it when you go
I ain’t gonna beg you so you’ll stay
Girl, I’m just tryna let you know

[Verse 2]
There’s somethin’ bout the way that ya walk through
Somethin’ bout the way that ya talk - ooo
Somethin’ I don’t really mean to stare
I know you feel it when we put one in the air
Tryna see ya when I pull up to the crib
How was I to know that you was gonna go and flip?
It was bogus how you left it
So we broke up in the summer
Now I’m Joseph Gordon-Levitt