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Photo by Diwang Valdez - Taken during the Converse Rubber Tracks recording session of "Vibes" at Stankonia Studios in Atlanta, GA.

Photo by Diwang Valdez - Taken during the Converse Rubber Tracks recording session of "Vibes" at Stankonia Studios in Atlanta, GA.

Excuse: I was in a bad space.

Flow… also known as “zoning.” We’ll get into that later.  For now, just know that when we talk about “vibes”, what we’re really speaking about is vibrations; in this case, negative vibrations or the disruption of energy.

In our day to day life, there are plenty of things whose sole purpose is to interrupt your patterned behavior. The question then becomes, “Are these things of good influence or bad?” Remaining in a negative frequency is a behavior that can be spotted easily via patterns such as allowing destructive thoughts to become your normal language. Developing mentalities centered around ego. Overconsumption of less than wholesome vices. We’ve all been there.

In this song, "Vibes", I talk about 3 different situations that have happened to me while I was living in Chicago during my college years. It was a great time in my life, but I admit there were times where I slipped up and allowed negative vibes overtake my thinking. I was dabbling too heavy in my vices. I stupidly went in on a bad business deal that cost me thousands. I also took someone's critique of my work much too personally (which connects to another agreement that Don Miguel Ruiz advises us -- "Don't take anything personally") to the point where I held a grudge that I never let go of. Unfortunately, now I won't be able to bury the hatchet with him because he was murdered before we could ever speak again.

In short, I have my fair share of hard lessons learned.

Getting out of the negatives vibes is a bit tricky, but once you realize that all vibrations are simply energy that we create and control, you'll have the power to create your environment and your destiny. The rest is a cakewalk.

Some people don’t have the fortune of making it out the other side. WE will, though. Trust.



Flow, also known as zoning, is the mental state in which one is immersed in energized focus. Completely in peace with what one is. Conversely, vibing creates unwanted noise, turmoil and disruptive energy...

[Verse 1]
2009 was when a nigga hit
Didn't know what I'd do, didn't envision shit
My mama praying I'm safe, hoping I'd come home
But I was running the streets, tryna survive in the city
Similar when I was a young'n and I was alone
'Til Tre put me on, knew I had a song. Taught me to write 'em
Taught me that I was finna be great and nothing like them
Other cats that was rapping tipdown, I was on my shit now
This how I wound up down here in the basement
Old school b-boys, graf niggas and skate shit
Stone building, that shit needed a face lift
Creeping on ah come up, never being complacent
After we done ducked past crooked polices racist
Juice passed the blunt, said, "Lil nigga just face this"
Even though I had that Rhymefest placement
Santi still lacking that patience, just a victim of

Where it ain't no hiding
Leaning to the side and oh
Lean into ya mind and oh
And still riding
Where it ain't no hiding
Leaning to the side and oh
Lean into ya mind and oh

[Verse 2]
Fast forward a little more
The vibe was I heard through the grapevine a nigga round the circle said I wasn't shit
"Yo, Crew could probably shop that look but fuck that music with his pop ass hooks. That shit is over for."
Ironically enough, when it was 4 below
He wouldn't try and heat us up
Guess he didn't know the code
So there wasn't a man to man or bro to bro
Shit just made me wish it was hand to hand or toe to toe
About 5 to 6 years to the present
My homie sent the message said niggas was bussin' reckless
The same dude from the previous bars
Was the victim of a devious charge, couldn't believe it
Called the homies that evening round the same time they told me that he wasn't breathing, I quickly got to
Realizing my petulence, wish we could've buried the hatchet
Instead, they carried ratchets and now I'm sitting and wondering and


[Verse 3]
Being broke'll make you do some fucking crazy shit
Thinking back on a particular, it made me sick
My homie told me bouta scheme, was the perfect con
"Pull this shit off how we plan? Dog, we gon' be on"
You know I'm with it
Robbing the bank, weapon or not, it ain't a difference
Especially when talking bout convictions
But shit if I got a couple racks, I'd finish the album
Cop me some new gear and be the flyest nigga of the school year
Cracking cards is a Chi-Town thing
Next to Harold's and the White Sox
In the land of the nine millis and white rocks
What if I told you the plug wanted my life stopped?
They ain't do it
But I knew I shoulda had some backup
Kept my trap shut
Cuz don't nobody out here wan' get clapped up
My nigga and the plug, they was patnas so I blamed it on him
It's on the both of us, a shame and a sin
Shit, we was only