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Photo by Ty Levey

Photo by Ty Levey


Self-transformation is hard work. REALLY hard work. Probably the hardest thing you'll ever do in your life.

Trust me when I say this: The fact you're on this journey right now proves how dedicated you are to changing and I applaud you for it. It could be something as simple as procrastinating less or something as big as wanting to bring about world peace through your non-profit organization that feeds, shelters and educates children. Who knows! The point is you're taking action.

In the book "The Four Agreements", Don Miguel Ruiz talks about an agreement to "always do your best." Sometimes your best effort is going to be more one day than another. For me, there are days where I just feel like vegging out and watching some episodes of "We Bare Bears" and turning my phone off. It's like that sometimes.

Lately though, I've noticed there are a lot of people preaching about hustling non-stop. That's all fine and well, but what works for one person might not work for you. That's okay. You just have to know when you're doing your best and that you continue to act on that habit. You'll already know when you're slacking off. In those moments, snap out of it and get back to work if you really need to. But if your energy is zapped and you need some time to yourself, make sure you're taking care of yourself and do it in a way that is non-judgmental (meaning that you're not beating yourself up over "losing time" or anything of the like).

Tomorrow, we'll get back into the heavy work. For now, consider this a day off. You deserve it. Chill and enjoy "You Know Me".



You know me
And I know you
You know me
And I know you
Lookin’ bad at home with ya momma
Oh yes, girl, I’m talkin’ to you
Gettin’ cash or gon’ get the commas
Oh yes, girl, I’m talkin’ to you
If you down with homies that’ll call you bae
Oh yes, girl, I’m talkin’ to you

[Verse 1]
I don’t the fuck I’ll say
Niggas really bullshit raps
Just thought I would tell you
Before the shit starts and you have to sit through
So here it go, here it go
Girl, you lookin’ fine
You gon’ let me get ya hair all fucked up?
This song’ll get ya ears all fucked up
But I don’t even care, shut the fuck up
And it’s back to the song
I been looking at ya, girl
I been looking at ya sideways
In the area ya thighs stay
How long would ya time stay if we
Lit this ‘din now while we listening to Sade
And you know the homie Nate on the beat
Place on the heat, thinkin’ bout ya face on the sheet
Excuses - what they sayin’ to me
But I really think it sounds like hating to me
I’ma take it back
Lemme take it back, all the way back to the T
Way before they even made AC
So the path that was paved they see
Is coming from the nigga named AJC
Damn nigga, now he rapping too much
He ain’t have to spit that fucking long
What he rapping like a thousand sum’n fifty ‘leven bars?
When the hook gon’ drop back in? That’s when I’m gon start, uh


[Verse 2]
Fresh cut
The fatigue on 10
And the hi-tops black on black
Murdering you cats on wax
Till I’m gettin’ all the racks on racks
Or the homies hit the rat-tat-tat
But I’m really advocating that the guns go down
There’s a ton of other things you can do with ya
Time in the city when the sun go down
Man I really hope they listen when I say it to ‘em
‘Cuz I’m tryna hit the bar for a cap
Then it’s on when I see you
And you know that we can zone if you need to
Yeah, this bitch needa bone, nigga me too
It’s a toss up
Either way, either way it go
You can stay, you can stay or go
But I don’t even care until ya sayin’ so
If you gone then it’s hasta luego