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Photo by Andy Europa

Photo by Andy Europa


Sit. Breathe. Meditate. Think.

What are the self-limiting beliefs you've allowed to become a part of your subconscious? Until you're able to remove those thoughts and "reprogram" yourself into the positive truths of your desired future... you'll always be living your life from the perspective of fear.

I can't help you any further than here. This one you've got to do on your own.

See you on the other side.



I'm zoning (x3)
I'm zoning (x3)

Used to study hard 'bout these niggas movements
Hear my old shit, what I'm doing
Feeling useless, can I do this?
Such a nuisance, these excuses

[Verse 1]
Some say sports and music are the same
Well it's not, stop saying that shit
What's a metaphor for something like you spraining your wrist?
Music is fucking music, that's as plain as it gets
Maybe I'm just bitter cuz I couldn't join a team with my Sickle Cell
Still niggas playing my shit
Feeling like Pac tried to play me and shit
Dissing Prodigy for Sickle Cell was lame as it gets
Still a legend though, never twist it
Still a nigga, Civil Right fist lifted
Legendary moment, don't miss this
Transcendental shit, come and witness
Never with a plain tiff like a law school
Crossing Abbey Road, hope she fall through
Enemies talking down, feeling awful
Finna eat till we all full and we all cool


[Verse 2]
Still between the garage and the club
Liable to chill and keep a mob full of thugs
Holding on a pod full of drugs cuz I'm probably finna need it if I'm working at this job full of slugs
Boss hates us, doing slave work
On stage, but I'm only doing maintenance
Sweeping up, listening to "Spaceship"
Want a shiny suit on some Mase shit
My uncle showed me rap back in '96
Dog, I heard that thinking "I'm this"
Show you like a host or something
Talk shit, then you better eat a Hostess muffin - mmm
I'ma never lose a pinch of sleep over it
I'm just tryna spit then I kick a beat over it
Never gonna miss it cuz a nigga recording it
I'ma give it all and the kitchen sink over it